Church Family Night

1st Tuesday of the month, 7.45pm - 9.00pm

This evening is very informal. Some information is given; then we pray in response - either in small groups, or all together. See the calendar for the venue (alternates between St. Mark's and St. Peter's).

West Hull Prayer

We meet at 8:45am - 9:30am (approx) on Wednesdays at St. Mark's to pray for the community, schools, the advancement of the gospel and for our Christian brothers and sisters in West Hull. 

This group consists of leaders and members of different churches across West Hull; so please do consider partnering with us to pray for God's work by His Spirit in our city.

Your church needs you!

Here's a helpful article about two prayers to pray before we gather as God's people each Sunday.

Dreaming about the future

by Steve Wilcox - 25 June 2019

Around 30 people came to the Prayer Day, at some point during the day, on Tuesday 4 June at St Peter's church. They had the opportunity to pray for a variety of things, at different “stations” - with many thanks to Claire and others for the work that went into organising the space.

One of the stations gave an opportunity for people to write down what their hopes and dreams were for how we might be a blessing to the Anlaby Communities in the future. Since this connects very well with our focus for the year, “Sending disciples to bless the Anlaby Communities”, I thought it would be good to share the ideas and dreams with you. Let's pray that these things come to fruition! And if you have other ideas and dreams, do let me or Claire know.

  • Schools deeply impacted through Christian governors / helpers going to help with reading etc, a team leading assemblies / RE etc.

  • Contacting and impacting whole families through schools / children’s centre on issues like anxiety / mental health etc.

  • People being referred to ACT / Church from other agencies.

  • Sport – God will and can provide financially and spiritually, he will provide, there is none like him.

  • Sports Ministry: holding our own facilities where we can host sports clubs weekly and holiday clubs and share the love of Jesus with children and young people.

  • Bring realisation to the area that God’s way is the correct path to follow through his words and that He is good and Holy.

  • Door to door ministry: visiting every house in the parishes and giving them the opportunity to respond to Jesus.

  • Breathe in life; Show Grace, compassion and hope; Revive hearts; Work in his power.

  • Spiritual gifts to be identified and exercised for the common good. For those who think or feel they are inferior because they lack human knowledge or skill to be raised up to effective service; for the proud to be humbled.

  • Helping those with anxiety, loss, guilt, shame, debt, addiction etc to find fulfilment in Jesus.

  • Send out disciples to spread the word of our Lord and welcome all people into our family, spread the word in every possible way and see how our lives are changed for the better.

  • People filled with the Spirit, changed (and being changed) by the work of God and rooted in all he’s done for them, unable to keep quiet. So sharing with integrity. Ambassadors.

  • Not by human strength but by God’s spirit. Help us trust in your word and reflect the light through our actions, so that even the small things we do will glorify your name and stand out to others, so they will be overcome with wonder and want to seek their loving heavenly Father.

  • Restoring relationships and families; marriage support / counselling; parenting support / equipping.

  • Targeting isolation, loneliness and mental health issues

  • Community events that draw the whole village / area together which will build a sense of cohesion and unity.

  • Opening up St Peter’s as a community hub for drop ins, concerts, art displays so that the village can see it as their space / resource and may ultimately feel comfortable to come to more spiritually orientated activities.