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WOW: Women of the Word

Journeying through life together under the Word of God


WoW meets on Wednesdays during term time at St Mark's main building. There are two sessions that repeat the same content allowing for those who are free during the day or evening to attend when they have availability.

Morning Session:
 9:30am – Refreshments and chat
10am – 11:30am - Journeying under God's Word 
  (Creche available from 9:45am-11:30am)

Evening Session:
 7pm – Refreshments and chat
 7:30pm – 9pm – Journeying under God's Word

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SumMEr Term:


This term we'll be finishing the book of Genesis - “Seeing Jesus in Genesis” with Nancy Guthrie.
 The table below shows the plan for this term:

 Wednesday Theme 
  27 April Jacob – Genesis 25:19-35:21 – Bible Study
   4 May   Nancy – “Unless You Bless Me” 
  11 May Joseph – Genesis 37-50 – Bible Study 
  18 May Nancy – Can Anything Good Come out of This? 
  25 May  Nancy – They Say You Can't Choose Your Family 
         1 WEEK HALF-TERM BREAK   01/06
  8 June Discipleship – Session 1 
 15 June Discipleship – Session 2 
 22 June Discipleship – Session 3 
 29 June  Discipleship – Session 4 
  6 July  Discipleship – Session 5 

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In the Autumn term of 2021 we journeyed together in a whistle-stop journey through the whole Bible to see how it all fits together – a Bible Overview called 'God's Big Picture'. The table below shows the plan for this term:

 Wednesday Theme 
  22 September – The Pattern of the Kingdom
  29 September  – The Perished Kingdom 
   6 October – The Promised Kingdom 
 13 October – The Partial Kingdom – People, Rule & Blessing 
         2 WEEKS HALF-TERM BREAK   (20/10 & 27/10)
   3 November  – The Partial Kingdom – Place & King 
 10 November – The Prophesied Kingdom 
 17 November – The Present Kingdom 
 24 November – The Proclaimed Kingdom 
  1 December – The Perfected Kingdom 
  8 December – Christmas Craft Social 

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