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4th May 2023

Lots of people are struggling at the moment, in lots of ways. In this post our vicar Steve offers some things to help our faith during these difficult times. There are suggestions for struggling enquirers, struggling Christians, struggling pastors and struggling churches. We hope it's of some help.

Anlaby Churches go East

Developing Gospel Culture at the Anlaby Churches

- We had a great church day away last Saturday (12/6). As part of the singing and teaching time we listened to part of a podcast about "Gospel Culture". What is meant by Gospel Culture? Here's how Ray Ortlund, one of the presenters puts it: 

"The Gospel says something, and the gospel does something. The Gospel says the truths of Christ crucified, buried, risen again, and returning. What the gospel does through what it says is create beauty in human relationships. The vertical glories of the gospel come down upon us in a church and spread out horizontally. And when a church is only sensitive to what it should be saying, and not equally alert, and sensitive to what it should be, and, and the the vibe, the tone, the intangibles of that church, then the church can actually counter act, what it intends to do."

Those who were present found it incredibly helpful and wanted to encourage everyone else to access the excellent insights contained. You can find the podcast (and later ones in the series) at The Gospel Coalition / You're not crazy podcast page

Following this we also had a great time sharing a picnic and games at East Park for the afternoon.


Evidence that Christianity is good for the world

by Steve Wilcox 26th March 2022

There's actually lots of evidence that Christianity is good for the world. But for those of us who are scientifically minded, and aware of some of the negative things that are said about Christians, here's an article that sets out some of the empirical evidence that it is so.

Help with sharing our faith

by Steve Wilcox 22 January 2022

As Christians we have the best news in the world to share - but often don't know how to do so. With that in mind, in Life groups this term we will be working through some of the resources produced by "Passion for Life." Do get in touch with us about joining a group. However, if you really can't then you can watch the videos on your own at

The current plan is for Life groups to watch: LC 1 – Making meaningful connections; LC 3 – Loving through listening and questions; IBD1 – Why the journey is needed; LC4 – Sharing hope in today's world; IBD5 – Prayer; FW1 – Right expectations and crossing the painline; FW4 – Gospel outlines and personal stories.

Wearing the armour of God

Many of us are aware of the spiritual battle that we are engaged in as Christians. This article will help us to think rightly about the mighty resources that are available to us as we do so. May God help us to stand firm!

What to tell yourself every day

Here are some thoughts from Jim Packer's classic "Knowing God" on the most important thing Christians should tell ourselves every day.

For those who fail everyday

Here's an encouraging article for those of us - like me - who know that we fail everyday.