Life Group

Life groups are meeting again with social distancing or via zoom where this is not possible.
If you're not yet part of a group then this would be a great time to consider joining - not least because we're aware of our need for Christian fellowship more than ever. Groups meet to study God's word, to share fellowship and to pray for each other. Existing groups meet twice a month on Tuesday afternoon & evening and on a Thursday evening. Two of our four are continuing to meeting on Zoom and two are meeting with social distancing measures in the church buildings.

Life groups would usually meet in people's homes during term-time. It is a great place to get to know others and Jesus a lot better. We study the Bible to deepen our understanding and relationship with God, we discuss how this makes a difference to our lives now, we are able to share how life is going and pray for one another. It is a great time for being encouraged and built up; as well as sharing burdens in difficult times.

Being part of a life group is one of the ways we show our membership to the Anlaby Churches and enables us to serve and care pastorally for one another effectively.

Do get in touch with [hidden] if you're interested in joining a group.

We meet alternate weeks; often the second and fourth weeks of the month, but dates are given each term to make this clearer.

  Day Time Host
 Tuesday 2pm - 3pm Steve
 Tuesday 7:30pm - 9pm Chris
 Tuesday 7:30pm - 9pm Tony & Gill
 Thursday 7:30pm - 9pm Jim & Gill

God's Story: Life Group Central Week 1

Life Group Central began tonight. We were thinking about God's Story in our new series called Stories We Tell.

Listen to the introductory talk here

We found that God's story, the Gospel, is outlined particularly in Romans 1:16-17, 1 Corinthians 15:1-8 and Galatians 1:6-12. You may want to work through those passages yourself, asking the following questions of each:

1. How did Paul hear the gospel?

2. Did anyone else hear about it too? If so, how?

3. What is the content of the gospel?

4. How should we respond to the gospel?

5. Are there any promises or warnings that come with the gospel? (Look for both obvious ones and implicit ones).

Once you've answered these questions, try to boil down the gospel into two or three sentences. It may take you a while, but that's fine - that's what practice is for!

 Taking it further

Each week we'll suggest three types of resource to help you take things further or deeper if you'd like. There'll be something to read, something to watch and something to listen to. Click on the titles below to find the resources online. There are a limited number of both books available free of charge at the back of both church buildings:


Two Ways to Live Booklet

Essentials book

Watch (4 mins 30 secs)

Essentials Animation

Listen (40 mins)

Talk on Romans 1:16-17 called God's Gospel


What difference does Jesus make? This was the question we thought about in the second week of Life Group Central. You see, Jesus makes all the difference. In his brief introductory talk, Gordon Prescott introduced us to Ephesians chapter 2. It builds on last week’s theme of God’s Story, because the difference Jesus makes to us is inextricably linked to God’s story – the good news of the Gospel. You can listen to some of the highlights of the evening here.

Why not read through Ephesians 2 for yourself? You’ll find it here. Make sure you’ve got a pen and paper handy. Divide your paper into two columns, a before and after. Under before jot down what things were like spiritually for people before they trust in Jesus. Then under after jot down how things were spiritually for Christians after they began following Jesus. The difference between the two is the difference Jesus makes. I think you’ll be blown away! 

(Here's a quick side note for you if you're reading this and you wouldn't say that you've turned to follow Jesus for yourself by saying sorry for living your life without him and asking him to rule your life. Which column would you say is true of you? Why would you answer that way?)

Next, have a closer look at verses 4 and 7 and think about this question: Why did God do all this (the difference Jesus makes) for us in Christ? And have a look at verses 8 and 9 and think about how it is that we have been changed if we’re trusting in Jesus?

Jesus really does make a massive difference, doesn’t he! And everyone who has trusted in Jesus for themselves has a personal story to tell. We were so encouraged around our tables as we shared our own stories of the ways Jesus has made a difference in our lives. If you’re someone who follows Jesus for yourself why not think about your own story? What difference has Jesus made to your everyday life? And if you’re not sure if you’ve put your trust in Jesus yet, why not find someone who has and ask them what difference Jesus makes in their life?

Taking it further


John Chapman’s book, A Fresh Start is a great little book written in bite-sized chapters which outlines the difference Jesus makes. It’s a great read for anyone, whether or not you’ve put your trust in Jesus yet.


Gabby’s Story is a short piece to camera Gabby explains the difference Jesus makes in her life.


Debbie Flood has a really interesting story. She’s a retired Olympic rower and she explains in this piece how much of a difference Jesus has made to her. Listen to her being interviewed about her life.

our story: Life Group Central Week 3

Our last two Life Group Central meetings have looked at God’s Story and Your Story.

We saw that God’s Story is a true story of our kind and generous God who made the world. He created humankind to rule over it under his good direction. But humans stepped out from under God’s rule, deciding they could run things better without him. This was called sin. Without God things went from bad to worse. Death entered the world as a direct result of sin, and people lived without peace with God or with one another. Things went from bad to worse until, that is, God sent Jesus, his Son, into the world to show us God and to die on the cross in the place of all those who trust in him. Everyone who trusts in Jesus receives forgiveness for their sin because he has paid the penalty of death. Instead of death we receive eternal life by grace (as a gift) through faith.

Your Story, if you’re a Christian, is how you have come to put your trust in Jesus and what difference he makes in your life today. We were so encouraged to hear one another’s stories of how God has brought us from death to life, and what living with Jesus is like.

In week three, we thought about Our Story – the difference Jesus makes among us as Church Family. We read Ephesians 4:1-6 and John 13:34-35. From Ephesians we found out that God, through His Story of the Gospel has united all true Christian believers into one body. We’re closer than work colleagues, friends or even family because we’re more than a collection of people, we’re one. One, even though we’re many. Look around the Anlaby Churches and you’ll find real Christian believers in every decade of life from under ten to over 90. You’ll find real Christian believers from different backgrounds, different parts of the UK and different countries. And yet God has made us one in Christ. That’s an unbreakable unity, even if sometimes we need to work on maintaining it (Ephesians 4:3).

As God’s people, we’re to live God’s way. He’s told us what that’s to be like. Read through Ephesians 4:1-6 slowly and look at the characteristics Christians are to display as we live together as one. It’s totally different from the world around us. It can be summarised as loving one another.

Jesus explains in John 13:34-35 that we’re to live his way (1) because he loved us and (2) because then all people will know that we are his disciples. If we live his way we give away the fact that we’re his disciples, his followers.

What an amazing thing it is to be loved by God so much that Jesus died for us! And what an amazing thing it is to be part of a loving church family!


Our homework this week is simply to spend some time with members of our Church Family, enjoying one another’s company and getting to know one another even better. As we know one another so we’re able to know how best to love one another. Enjoy!

Taking it Further

If you’d like to take this any further, here’s something to read, something to watch and something to listen to.

Read: How to Walk into Church by Tony Payne

Watch: Vaughan Roberts, Rector of St Ebbe’s Church in Oxford, on Christian friendship from the Keswick Convention

Listen: Lee Gatiss, Director of Church Society, on Ephesians 4:1-6.