Life Group

Life Group - Most weeks.

Life groups are meeting virtually.
If you're not yet part of a group then this would be a great time to consider joining - not least because we're aware of our need for Christian fellowship more than ever. Groups meet to study God's word, to share fellowship and to pray for each other. Existing groups meet on Tuesday afternoon and Tuesday evening. There's also a new group starting on a Thursday evening led by Jim & Gill.

Life groups usually meet in people's homes during term-time. It is a great place to get to know others and Jesus a lot better. We study the Bible to deepen our understanding and relationship with God, we discuss how this makes a difference to our lives now, we are able to share how life is going and pray for one another. It is a great time for being encouraged and built up; as well as sharing burdens in difficult times.

Being part of a life group is one of the ways we show our membership to the Anlaby Churches and enables us to serve and care pastorally for one another effectively.

Do get in touch with [hidden] if you're interested in joining a group.

Currently meeting every week; except the first week of the month - when we have our church family evening altogether.

  Day Time Host
 Tuesday 2pm - 3pm Steve
 Tuesday 7:30pm - 9pm Chris & Claire
 Tuesday 7:30pm - 9pm Tony & Gill
 Thursday 7:30pm - 9pm Jim & Gill

Plan for Life Groups by Date

During this time we will in general be meeting in life groups 3 times a month. Two of these will be for reflection and study; and the other one as a social with time to pray. The other weeks are usually Church Family night where all groups meet as together and the proportion of time praying is increased.
The dates for the Social/Prayer nights, as well as Church Family Night can be found below. The table shows what the study of each Lifegroup is based on. For these studies we will be using the book: "A Praying Life" by Paul Miller paired with Steve's sermons on the section. It would be helpful to order your own copy of the book in the format you prefer. Whilst you wait for this to arrive you can view the first 8 chapters here

Social / prayer: 21 April; 16 June; 30 June
Church family night: 5 May; 2 June; 7 July
Half term – no study: (Though perhaps a social if some groups wish) 26 May

Week Topic Chapters (read in advance)
1 – 28 Apr Introduction Chapters 1-2
2 - 12 May (sermon 3 May) Prayer is being a little child with their father Chapters 3-8
3 - 19th May (sermon 10 May) Obstacles to prayer (Dealing with cynicism and secularism) Chs 9-12
4 – 9 June (sermon 17 May) Praying for big and little things Ch 13-18
5 – 23 June (sermon 31 May) Unanswered prayer – life in the desert; seeing it as God's story Ch 19-22, 24-27
6 – 14 July (sermon 7 June) Laments – Praying in the desert Ch 22-23
Outside of Lifegroup Ch 28-34