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Life Group - Every Tuesday except the first Tuesday of the month.

Life groups meet in people's homes during term-time. It is a great place to get to know others and Jesus a lot better. We study the Bible to deepen our understanding and relationship with God, we discuss how this makes a difference to our lives now, we are able to share how life is going and pray for one another. It is a great time for being encouraged and built up. 

Being part of a life group is one of the ways we show our membership to the Anlaby Churches and enables us to care effectively for one another pastorally.

In the run up to Easter life groups are meeting together for our Lent Meetings,. You can find details of these below:

 Time Host
 7:30pm - 9pm Steve Wilcox

Sign up for Lent Meetings

You would be very welcome to join in with our lent meeting. We meet for upto 90 mins using Zoom. The first half of this is a discussion led by Steve about the previous Sunday's sermon. The second half is an opportunity to share what is happening in your life; make prayer requests for intercession and to pray together. You can choose to listen in or join in with discussion and praying as you wish to.

To listen in you would need to download the zoom app (for phone or your OS) and signup using the details below; to contribute you would also need a microphone (like on your phone) and if you wish to be seen a camera (like on your phone). You can disable your mic and video at any time during the meeting if you wish to. 

You can register your email address by using the form below. Chris will ensure that your email address is added to the mailing list for the lent meeting. We will store your email address in our secure database for the purpose of emailing you with the details of the meeting and instructions of how to join on the day of the meeting or before. Once the season of the lent meetings is over we will delete all of your details from our database. If you wish to be removed prior to this, you can do so at any time by using this form and requesting to do so.

If you are a church member you can login and sign up for the mailing list for the lent meeting on this page; if you do not know your login you can contact Chris using the form below and he will supply you with one and instructions on what to do with it.

We look forward to meeting together with you and encouraging one another.

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