Easter 2021

We warmly invite you to join with us to celebrate the life-changing and true story of Easter with us.  

Here's a short Easter message from our vicar Steve




Join our Easter Trail, explore the Anlaby Communities and find out more about the Easter Story all at the same time! Download a flyer here.

Good Friday - 2nd April


2pm - At the foot of the cross: A reflective service to mark the death of Jesus on the cross.This year we will be meeting at St Mark's church at 2pm.  Please feel free to just turn up (with a face covering) - there'll be plenty of seating space. Download a flyer here.

It was on this day that Jesus was beaten and tortured because he claimed to be the Son of God.  A crown of  thorns was thrust upon his head. Then, he was forced to carry his own cross to the on top of a hill, where he was nailed to the cross. Jesus suffered for hours and the sky turned dark as if mourning.

Christians across the world celebrate this day to remember sacrifice of our Lord. It is a day that is mixed with sadness that Jesus died, but with thankfulness that he died for us to take the penalty of our sin upon himself.

Easter Sunday - 4th April

On Easter Sunday we celebrate that Jesus, who was crucified, died and buried, was on the third day raised to life; resurrected from the dead! We celebrate that he rose victorious over sin and death. Christ is risen!
Download a flyer here.
Watch the online service via our Online service page.